Saturday, February 26, 2011

Afghan National Security and International Security Assistance Forces targeted a Taliban leader responsible for orchestrating large scale suicide attacks throughout southern Afghanistan and detained several suspected insurgents during a security operation in Kandahar City, Kandahar province, yesterday .

The Taliban leader is actively involved in planning and coordinating suicide-improvised explosive device attacks on Afghan National Army and coalition forces. The targeted leader is subordinate to the provincial military leader who ordered his return to Afghanistan from Pakistan to carry out attacks. He was involved in the suicide attack at the Kandahar City police headquarters Feb. 12 that killed several Afghans and wounded numerous others.
Coalition forces followed leads to a targeted compound where they called for the occupants to exit the buildings before conducting a search. Several suspected insurgents were detained after initial questioning at the scene.

Afghan National Security and International Security Assistance Forces today, confirmed the capture of an insurgent leader responsible for improvised explosive devices attacks in Uruzgan province.The detained insurgent is suspected of being the head of a Baluchi IED cell responsible for attacks on Afghan and coalition forces in Baluchi Valley, Uruzgan province.

(This picture have nothing to do with what's written above, i submitted it because its a very touching and true picture.)


  1. HONOUR is one of the most important things. First is God, then honour and homeland - it's Polish motto.

  2. suicide attacks have no honor at all

  3. I thought the picture's caption to be extremely true...kinda touching!